The Paintings of Darryl Nantais

Artist's Biography


The Mill Footpath The Little Track Tranquillity The Draw of the Sea Beyond the Reach

Blue Dusk


Yellow Field


Sailing, Sea and Wind Velvet Curtain Karl's Blue Sky




Floating The Red Boat The Broad Moorings The Strength of Salvation Geranium Red After Claude
The Welcome Party Cheval Fantaisie Fantasy Horse (British Empire) Gracefully Goes Lady Of The Great Ouse Pocket Park Study 1
The Spirit Of Salvation Leap for Freedom Courting Couple Ely Cathedral Mistle Oil Sketch From ‘Christ on the Sea of Galilee’ By Delacroix (With Linton Tower)
Nude Sketch II Passing The Headland Linton Sky Through the Trees Prince and Princess Rockland Broad
Ruben’s Duck Silent waters Tempest Gnarled Oak Sails Over Reeds Poachers Pool
Shades Of Green You First Normandy Sail Sunlit Ducks By the Oak The Purple Dawn





Somewhere Over The Rainbow



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