The Paintings of Ophelia Redpath

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Los Amigos

A Kind of Blue
Original available

I can resist anything except temptation
Original available

Partners In Crime
Original available

Feeding the chickens

In Pursuit of the Red Tomato
Original available

Oleander Tree
Original available

Fishing Nights Lady in Red Bring Back My Bonnie To Me

Dainty Davie

Feeding the Geese


Busking with Bach


Grow Your Own


The Blue Vase


Mother Love


Local Hero


Thinking of Descartes
Original available


When is a Dog not a Dog


The Art of Noise


Chanson D'Amour


Stag Night


Lady of the snow


Thinking of Wittgenstein
Original available


Midnigh Launderette

The Morning Paper "Chapeau Noir"    

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